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FinanceKey platform

One platform supporting treasury automation, dashboards and integrations

Treasury teams work in the intersection of multiple systems and external partners, creating a very fragmented landscape from tooling, data and workflow perspective. To solve the complexity treasuries are facing, FinanceKey has invested early on in building scalable technology, that can support any payment and treasury use case.

When we listen to our customers, their wishlists often include a “one-page view” or a “one-stop-shop dashboard” for liquidity, FX, working capital and their KPIs — a seamless solution with a presentation layer that hides all the complexity. The ‘simpler’ requests can relate e.g., to creating an interface for a banking API. Treasury employees can be rather demanding clients for internal IT teams! (A recollection from the past for being one!)

At FinanceKey, we are on a mission to create one platform for treasury automation, dashboards and integrations — that supports the treasury landscapes of today and the future, including modern multi-banking. A solution that helps enterprise finance, compliance and IT teams to achieve better control & visibility, frees up time from repetitive manual routines and empowers them to earn money via real-time optimization.

To deliver on our mission, we have built a technology framework that offers the agility to support even the toughest requirements of cash managers, FX dealers, treasury IT, accountants, controllers, treasurers and CFOs. The speed of development we can provide to our clients is unseen in the enterprise world dominated by legacy incumbents that struggle to respond to customers’ change requirements.

Applying data-driven and API-first technology, we can create new platform modules, onboard new banks (and other partners), payment rails and build integrations quickly. Being able to apply modern technologies, with no existing technical debt, our customers benefit from a treasury & multi-banking solution that is easy to use and easy to implement. At the same time, we help corporate banks to deliver better service for their largest customers. Beneficiary account validation, payment refunds and e-banking user entitlements management are practical examples, of where FinanceKey saves time & costs, helps avoid fraud and provides better control for both banks and corporations.

We have also chosen to apply a no-code approach from the beginning, supporting non-technical end-users taking full ownership of their domain and building automated workflows, saving the precious time of internal IT people. Over time, this approach allows FinanceKey to deliver a ‘plug-and-play’ experience where business users can manage treasury, system and bank integrations.

The combination of scalable software architecture and the no-code approach makes FinanceKey an agile solution that can be configured based on customers’ needs. This, together with a high-security level and separate database environment available for each client, makes FinanceKey a modern enterprise-grade fintech solution the corporate treasury world has been missing. A solution that customers can use as a product or a service via a dynamic user interface or by embedding FinanceKey into existing enterprise solutions, or by just feeding services via oData feed into existing Excel spreadsheets and PowerBI charts.

Key characteristics of the FinanceKey software framework.
1. API First – allowing easy integrations, automation, using the product as a service via existing systems, such as ERP, TMS or spreadsheets
2. Cloud Native, Serverless Architecture – providing an efficient implementation for our customers and a more secure & scalable architecture
3. Data-Driven – supporting easy configuration for enterprise clients, continuously improved high-quality software and fast development of new modules

‘Customer Needs’ is one of FinanceKey’s principles, as we strive to understand our customers’ genuine needs and deliver on those requirements. As we continuously keep listening to our customers and learning new every day, it is the early investment in technology that enables us to deliver as per our promise and support digital transformation for decades to come.

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