Building the future of
truly digital treasury

Access corporate banking APIs with ease and gain instant
visibility to cash balances, transactions, and more.


Unlock the potential of banking APIs

  • Take advantage of effortless access to corporate banking APIs via FinanceKey app and API
  • Gain business benefits from real-time visibility to cash balances, transactions flowing instantly to ERP, and optimizing treasury processes
  • Explore the potential of other premium banking APIs using a secure FinanceKey interface

Key Benefits



Achieve material savings by replacing file-based bank messaging with modern APIs.



Save costs, time, and energy, optimizing liquidity and cash management processes.



Gain a competitive edge developing open banking concepts for your business.

For ambitious businesses
solving concrete problems

  • ​Corporations will benefit from seamless access to intra-day banking data from multiple banks in a single source, automated liquidity management, and connectivity, eliminating errors due to manual copy-pasting.
  • Freeing up employees’ time from repetitive routine tasks and fragmented workflows adds to the organization’s wellbeing, while employees can focus on more value-adding tasks.
  • Clients with ambitions to real-time, treasury digitalization and missing concrete ways to leverage banking APIs for their day-to-day problems will gain immediate benefits with minimum IT resources needs.
  • ​Banks will benefit from wider corporate banking API adoption, quick piloting with customers to gain valuable feedback, learn from customer problems, and how to monetize premium API capability the best.
  • Partnership banks can offer a secure interface for their corporate clients to consume and explore APIs with ease.
  • Banks with existing corporate banking APIs can help their clients who lack technical skills for API implementation and reach new client segments.
  • Banks with corporate banking APIs on the roadmap can engage with customers early on and design their offerings based on customer needs.

Core Features

Interface designed for finance professionals

Access to real-time banking data and services seamlessly via FinaceKey user interface supporting corporate end-users workflows, processes, and data analytics.

Corporate banking APIs at your fingertips

Take advantage of corporate banking APIs for market data, account validation, proof of payments, trade finance, and FX dealing in addition to instant reporting.

Standardized and enriched banking data

Gain extra insights through standardized and enriched banking data enhancing cash-related processes and supporting the digitization of repetitive manual routine tasks.

Integrations to existing IT systems

Feed standardized real-time data from multiple banks via a single API to ERP, TMS, or CRM—in an end-user and developer-friendly way.

Tomorrow’s Treasury

A Strategic Business Partner with Real-Time insights based on standardized premium API’s


The future of corporate banking

Digital ecosystems bringing mutual benefits for corporations, banks, and other ecosystem parties


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