About us

Building the future of treasury and payment operations

FinanceKey is a cutting-edge software company headquartered in Finland, and with a branch office in Switzerland. The company is driving the transformation towards real-time, data-driven and AI-powered treasury operations. Founded in 2021, the founding team came together in March 2022 with a goal to create modern, agile and innovative technology to meet the demands of busy finance professionals.

The company is backed by First Fellow Partners and notable finance professionals supporting the journey towards the company’s ambitious goals.


Meet the team

The founding team of FinanceKey has a strong history of collaboration, having worked together for 12 years in a leading corporate treasury team at Nokia. During that time, the team won multiple payment and treasury tech awards, and their efforts in digitalization led to the saving of tens of millions of dollars per year.

Their successes inspired the team to create FinanceKey, where they could build a next-generation technology to continue solving the challenges finance professionals face every day. With their extensive experience and knowledge in the field, the team is truly aiming at transforming the industry and bringing continuous innovation to the fingertips of corporate finance and treasury teams.

Veikko Koski - FinanceKey

Veikko Koski​

CEO & Founder

Veikko brings to FinanceKey over 17 years of experience in corporate and bank treasury, with expertise in asset and liability management, FX risk management, and front-office activities. He is dedicated to driving transformation through the implementation of data-driven, real-time treasury solutions, and is passionate about identifying and resolving customer pain points.

In his (limited) free time, Veikko loves to spend time with his two children, enjoying the outdoors through cycling, skiing, and hiking. He is also an enthusiastic supporter of the Finnish national basketball team, the Wolfpack!

Macer Skeels - FinanceKey

Macer Skeels​

CTO & Co-Founder

Macer is a hands-on CTO with a wealth of experience in corporate treasury and leading DevOps teams, spanning over 17 years. He is deeply passionate about the potential of technology and its role in shaping the future of payments, and is a strong advocate of lean and agile principles. Macer is also a curious listener, constantly seeking new insights and perspectives to drive innovation and improvement.

In his free time, Macer enjoys staying active through swimming and mountain pursuits, and cherishes spending time with his two children. He is also an avid podcast and audiobook enthusiast, using his daily cycling commute as an opportunity to stay up-to-date with the latest trends and ideas in his field.

Rony Meyer - FinanceKey

Rony Meyer​

VP of Architecture​
& Co-founder​

Rony has 14 years of experience designing mission-critical payment technology and treasury software​. He is orchestrating the architectural decisions for the core functionalities of our tech and product and driving software development automation. He has a long background creating connectivity to banks and to payment rails via host-to-host, SWIFT and banking APIs.

In his free time, Rony loves spending time with the family and his two sons, eating out and running (and he runs fast!).

Tiago Batista - FinanceKey

Tiago Batista​

VP of Engineering
& Co-founder

Tiago has worked previously for Cern and Nokia, having 12 years of experience in the treasury field from payments, FX & finance automation. At FinanceKey Tiago is leading the software engineering and development, while also coordinating the work between tech & design.

Tiago is the team’s padel champion who likes to spend his spare time enjoying family time, swimming and playing with his two children.


Professional board with broad experience from finance operations, treasury, venture capital and banking.


Kristian Pullola


On a day-to-day basis, Kristian works as the CFO of Finnair and holds multiple board positions in publicly listed companies. Kristian has previously worked closely together with the FinanceKey team at Nokia, where he held several top finance roles, including positions as EVP, CFO and VP, Head of Treasury and Investor Relations


Mirja-Liisa Berglund

Board Member

Mirja-Liisa is the Head of Financial Risk at Nordea and has worked previously in several demanding finance, reporting and compliance roles within banks, financial institutions and Big4 companies. She has an extensive experience in regulatory frameworks and working with financial supervisory authorities.


Kim Groop

Board Member

Kim is the co-founder and managing partner of First Fellow Partners (FFP). He holds an extensive experience from technology domain as an entrepreneur, investment banker & investor. FFP’s investments include companies such as Aiven, AlphaSense and Wolt.

Join us in building the future of treasury and payment operations.