Simplified integrations & dashboards to monitor connectivity

Easy integrations to +1,600 banks, payment providers and other 3rd parties via APIs and other channels. Single API to feed services into ERPs & other systems.



Simplified connectivity

  • Support for corporate banking APIs, regulatory APIs (PSD2) and file-based channels (such as EBICS, SFTP, FileAct)
  • Unified data — data mapping, translation, and format transformation, regardless of the original file format type
  • Ability to receive multi-formats and pass multi-formats onwards
  • Avoid compatibility issues arising from the modification of bank specifications and other technology changes
  • Empowering, modern and robust IT infrastructure that provides agility and new ways of working

Integrations monitoring & authorisation management

  • Visualize integrations, flows and data transformation via intuitive & dynamic UI and dashboards
  • Empower business to manage APIs and other integrations, authorisation and credentials
  • Save costs with reduced error handling, and the ability to proactively react to problems

Single API and plugins

  • Leverage single API to feed data and services to other enterprise systems or use available plugins for standard systems
  • Single API reduces integration complexity — no need for individual implementation per bank
  • Achieve API experience via FinanceKey’s single-API even for data received through non-API file-based channels
  • Consume FinanceKey as a service via our API, embedding the service to your existing application portfolio — e.g. to ERP, TMS or CRM — or consume the data & services via existing spreadsheets

API Benefits

  • Self-service management of APIs, authorisations and credentials
  • Notifications about expiring credentials
  • Leverage API banking and take action from third-party APIs, all in one place
  • Dynamic and user-friendly dashboard allowing business to take immediate advantage of banking and other APIs without the need for heavy implementation projects and extensive IT resources
  • Improved quality via feedback loops leading to less errors and cost reductions



For C-level

Connectivity to banks and plugins to ERP and other systems from one place.


For Treasury

Immediate access to banking APIs with easy-to-use FinanceKey web app or single API.


For IT

Single API reduces integration complexity. No need for implementation per bank.

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