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Centralised Payment Hub

Single portal to approve, initiate & track payments

Take control over payments in one single portal. Automate payment flows, configure approval workflows and process payment refunds efficiently.



Payment Hub

  • Manage payment execution flexibly, create approval workflows & and limit fraud risk
  • Support for vendor, payroll & ad hoc payments (e.g. M&A, customs, dividend and tax payments)
  • Execute manual payments in a single source with clear approval flows and multi-factor authentication in use
  • Take advantage of refund APIs to automate manual, paper-based & repetitive refund processes
  • Gain visibility on payment outflows: per entity, currency & execution timing for accurate forecasting
  • Set up flexibly required verification and approval flows with Multi-factor authentication (MFA)
  • Analyse your payments based on categories (supplier payments, Ad-hoc, Intercompany)

Payment process

  • Import Payment files directly from ERP, upload a file or by manual single entry
  • Choose the account you wish to execute payments with payment routing rules
  • Set up Payment Cycles and specify when you want to pay (Daily, Weekly, Monthly) to manage liquidity dynamically
  • Run pre-checks for payment instructions and beneficiary account validation to check the account holder name details
  • Approve Payments with MFA approval workflows & user-defined verification process
  • Achieve accurate short-term liquidity forecast based on automatic reconciliation & full visibility to payment outflows



For C-level

Be in the control of payment operations minimising internal & external fraud


For Treasury

Control, initiate & reconcile payments in a single source


For IT

Take control of security measures and meet compliance requirements effectively

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