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Bank Account Management

Gain full visibility to bank accounts, signatory rights, bank fees and data exchange

Single repository of all bank accounts & automated bank account data exchange between ERP, TMS and other systems providing complete control.



Automated bank account workflows

  • Single repository of all bank accounts providing complete control. Store all related documentations, contracts and credit facilities together.
  • Leverage eBAM opportunities to automate workflows around bank account management: account maintenance, regulatory reports +more.
  • Manage overdrafts per bank account, cash pools and guarantees.
  • Set interrelationships between accounts virtual and physical accounts – e.g with notional/physical cash pools, virtual ledger accounts and virtual bank accounts.
  • Take advantage of our audit capabilities to track the bank accounts life cycle.
  • Combine the module with our Bank Portal Identity and Access Management solution!



For C-level

Full visibility to bank accounts, signatory rights & bank fees.


For Treasury

Gain 100% control & save time and cost on compliance & audit.


For IT

Leverage API technology to exchange data between ERP, TMS and other systems.

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