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Beneficiary Account Validation

Protect against fraud with IBAN name check

Ensure payments arrive at the intended beneficiary with IBAN pre-validation. Integrate checks into your business processes to protect against fraud.


Bank Portal User Entitlements

Worried about potential security breaches and the associated risks?

Our Identity and Access Management (IAM) tool is here to help monitor and manage multiple identities and access levels to e-banking and other portals.

Cash & Liquidity Management

Automated liquidity dashboard & real-time cash visibility

Instant insights into liquidity for smarter decision-making and to maximise return on cash. Bank balances, investments & wallets in one source.


Smart Bank Account Management

Gain full visibility to bank accounts, signatory rights, bank fees and data exchange

Single repository of all bank accounts & automated bank account data exchange between ERP, TMS and other systems providing complete control.

Simplified Connectivity

Easy integrations & dashboards to monitor connectivity

Easy integrations to +1,600 banks, payment providers and other 3rd parties. Plugins to ERPs & other systems and dashboards to monitor connectivity.


Seamless Payment Operations

Single portal to approve, initiate & track payments

Take control over payments in one single portal. Automate payment flows, configure approval workflows and process payment refunds efficiently.


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