Account Validation

Protect against fraud with IBAN name check

Ensure payments arrive at the intended beneficiary with IBAN pre-validation. Integrate checks into your business processes to protect against fraud.



Validate bank accounts to avoid fraud & errors

  • Validate account information in advance and reduce the number of payment returns and failed payments caused by incorrect payment details.
  • Benefit from reduced operating costs and improve straight-through processing rates safely, in the knowledge that payments will reach their intended recipients.
  • Prevent fraudulent activity by ensuring that the instructed beneficiary is the rightful owner of the account before payment is made.
  • Embed account validation directly into payment operations using FinanceKey’s API, or submit requests via our intuitive UI.
  • Receive updates and notifications in real time when the status of the check is updated.



For C-level

Control over payment recipients reducing financial and reputational risks.


For Treasury

Reduced fraud risk & less errors. Improve compliance, quality & gain efficiencies.


For IT

Easy integrations to existing systems & connectivity monitoring via dashboards.

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