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FinanceKey Migrates to Azure SQL Elastic Pools to Enhance Database Performance and Scalability

Helsinki, Finland – June 18, 2024

FinanceKey, a leading innovator in treasury technology, is excited to announce the migration of its hosted solutions to Azure SQL Elastic Pools. This transition represents a significant upgrade in FinanceKey’s database performance and scalability, guaranteeing our users an enhanced level of service and efficiency.

What are Azure SQL Elastic Pools?
Azure SQL Elastic Pools function as flexible resource managers for databases. Rather than each database having fixed resources, they share a common pool, dynamically adjusting to changing demands and ensuring optimal performance and resource efficiency.

Key Benefits for FinanceKey Users

  • Improved Performance: Users will benefit from faster access to their financial data, significantly improving their operational efficiency.
  • Scalability: As businesses grow, the system can effortlessly manage increased loads without interruptions, providing seamless scalability.
  • Cost Efficiency: By sharing resources, FinanceKey can manage costs more effectively, keeping our premium service affordable while continually investing in enhancements.
  • Security: This migration ensures data remains secure with zero compromise to security aspects.

This strategic move underscores FinanceKey’s commitment to leveraging innovative technology to deliver unparalleled performance and service to customers.

Tiago Batista, VP of Engineering at FinanceKey, commented on this strategic migration:

Migrating to Azure SQL Elastic Pools is a major step forward for us. This upgrade enhances our database performance and scalability, providing our clients with faster and more reliable access to their financial data. We’re dedicated to leveraging the best technology to continually improve our services.

For more information about FinanceKey and the latest technological advancements, visit our website or follow us on LinkedIn for updates. For further information, please contact: Topias Vainio – Business Development – FinanceKey – topias.vainio@financekey.com

About FinanceKey: FinanceKey provides digital infrastructure for treasury and finance teams to manage connectivity, cash flows and payments. With FinanceKey’s future-proof platform, you can gain real-time cash visibility via dynamic dashboards & manage money movements with ease. Businesses can choose to take advantage of FinanceKey’s single API simplifying connectivity to existing systems or use FinanceKey as a product leveraging FinanceKey’s flexible user interface. In addition to banks, the platform offers integrations to Payment Service Providers and other financial institutions. With a self-service approach, FinanceKey helps businesses take immediate advantage of banking APIs.